Joeny Integrity Nig Ltd

We believe that delivering quality results on time and within clients budget requires proactive and competent managers. We bring together a team of experienced engineers, project managers and business experts to enable us deliver superior engineering and maintenance services.

Our operations are supported by critically evaluated procedures that reflect the highest level of quality. Our jobs are carried out with utmost care and dedication and we continously looking for better ways to deliver our services. Our primary lines of service delivery are;

Well Head/Valves Maintenance

Continuous production and lack of critical routine maintenance can take its toll on mechanical assemblies. A single component failure can significantly increase the likelihood of production downtime as a result of equipment failure. Joeny Integrity can work with you to reduce this likelihood through a structured programme of planned and efficient monitoring and maintenance of general wellhead conditions.


Joeny Integrity offers the latest in wireline tools with unsurpassed service delivered to clients with minimum disruptions to work. Our wireline service proves invaluable to oil and gas operators as our services can be deployed under pressure without damage to the well. Joeny integrity carries out maintenance either as a routine measure or a direct response to a situation that may have developed.


Services Count on our slick line unit to provide your company with a variety of well intervention services that are essential during the time a well is in production. Our slickline operations include maintenance, such as the removal of wax, scale, sand and terminating flow and setting hydraulic packers, setting or removing plugs and retrievable valves.


Line Our leading edge electric line services division offers a wide range of services to support energy producers operating in Nigeria.

Facility Maintenance

With facilities spread across the nation, your company needs top quality and reliable maintenance. Joeny Integrity provides one of the most efficient maintenance services in the industry. We keep your facilities in top condition by offering you better service, reduced cost and organizational efficiencies across your entire facilities portfolio.

Pipeline /Flowline,Farm Tank Construction and Fabrication

It is our staff that set us apart from other. Our engineers partner with our customers to understand their requirements and develop innovative solutions. Our field team combines their industry experience with our tools to successfully implement solutions. We all share a commitment to innovation and delivering on our promises that which our customers deserve, expect and value.