Health & Safety


At JOENY Holdings Nigeria Limited, we value our employees, clients, suppliers, contractors and the community we serve. We are driven by our passion for safety of life and preservation of the environment. Our commitment to HSE is central to our business planning and strategy.

To achieve our HSE objectives, every stakeholder is fully enlightened on the companies HSE policy and their specific responsibilities to ensure compliance. We provide the required HSE tools for all staff and contractors and we collaborate with relevant local and international organisations to achieve set HSE objectives.

The company’s management team takes responsible for ensuring that there is adequate human, material and financial resources in place to enable the successful implementation and strict compliance with the HSE policy of the company.

The management of Joeny Holdings actively promotes involvement of all employees, suppliers and contractors in the HSE process. We create awareness by occassionally organize workshops on HSE in our office premises and we ensure that every stakeholder is represented by at least one person from their company.

The HSE Policy, Fire Policy and the Accident Prevention Policy is reviewed on an annual basis and approved by the senior management team. Joeny Holdings complies strictly with internationally accepted work practices and procedures for the promotion of health and safety of its employees and others who may be affected by the company's activities.

As a reputable company, safety and environmental preservation is crucial to remain socially responsible and every member of our organisation works as a team diligently to achieve this. We adhere to health and safety standards and we adopt a well-planned prevention strategy to reduce the occurrence of accidents.

Having the necessary policies and adequate management support and leadership in place, we have been able to prevent human suffering, damages and significant losses, which might result from unsafe practices, lack of awareness and avoidable mistakes.